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Resetting the Cutter

  1. Turn the vinyl cutter off.
  2. Unplug the USB Cable from the computer.
  3. Bring the carriage to the middle of the cutter.
  4. Turn the vinyl cutter back on.
  5. There are two red reset buttons on each side of the cutter.
    • Press these buttons simultaneously 5 times.
    • This will reset the cutter’s memory.
  6. Turn the vinyl cutter back off.
  7. Pull the power cable out of the cutter.
  8. Flip the power switch 3 times with the power cable unplugged.
  9. Plug both cables back in and bring the carriage back to the right side.
  10. Turn the cutter on.
  11. Run a test cut through the software on your computer.

To speak with a technician, submit a ticket at or call 888-828-8776 x227

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