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Supply 55 Guardian Calender - Dye Sublimation Paper Transfer Direct-To-Fabric Thermo Fixation Discounts Apply !
Supply 55 Guardian Calender - Dye Sublimation Paper Transfer Direct-To-Fabric Thermo Fixation
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Supply 55 Guardian Calender - Dye Sublimation Paper Transfer Direct-To-Fabric Thermo Fixation

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Guardian Calenders are an affordable, easy to use solution for all your dye sublimation paper transfer and direct-to-fabric applications. The Guardian calenders intuitive design makes for quick and easy use, maintenance and cleaning, thus saving time on production. Solid, all steel construction provides high quality performance and ensures Guardian Calenders are built to last.

All steel component construction
Low electrical consumption of 6000w
Temperature accuracy controlled by a precision Infra-red sensor ensuring consistency during the entire transfer process
Heat is supplied by a specially engineered Infra-red lamp providing even temperatures when running pieces or roll-to-roll
Fast warm-up and cool down times save energy and labor
Nomex felt belt with a Kevlar reinforced center for added durability
Mechanically adjusted belt without compressed air; the belt does not need adjustment before, during or after the transfer process

Temperature Control
Temperature is adjustable up to 220C (428F)
Exposure Time: Can be adjusted from 25 to 180 seconds

Control Panel
Temperature selection and control.
Selection of exposure time and speed.
Forward, Stop, Reverse
Safety reset.

Safety Features
Guardian Calenders include safety features engineered to provide a safe working environment for the operator:
Plexiglass Front Cover: Protects the user from the feed mechanism and the risk of burns; also protects the felt belt and drive system from being damaged by foreign objects.
Emergency Stop Buttons: Two (2) emergency stop buttons are located in the front and rear of the calender.
System Override: If any of the safety features are activated, the user must press the reset button to reengage the calender.
Thermo Isolation: All exposed surfaces have been thermo isolated to protect the user from the risk of burns while operating the calender.

Guardian Calender Production Table and Receptacle for Pre-cut Pieces

Tensioning of paper
Paper Tension is adjustable with the tension adjustment knob located on the table paper feed mandrel (Fig. C)

Benefits of the production table
The table is removable, allowing for roll-to-roll or piece production.
Ideal for the production of sportswear and garments using stretchable or non-stretchable fabric.
Works with tacky or non-tacky paper.

Feeding paper and pre-cut pieces
Transfer paper can be loaded and tensioned on the front of the table using the transfer paper feed mandrel. (Fig. A)
The roll feeding guide assists in feeding paper flat into the calenar (Fig. B)
Printed paper is kept in contact with pre-cut pieces by the pressure bar.

Connecting the table to the calender
The table is designed to quickly attach and detach from the calender, allowing the operator to seamlessly switch between roll-to-roll and piece production. (Fig. D)

Receptacle for pre-cut pieces
Easily attaches and detaches to the back of the calender for receiving cut pieces after the sublimation process is complete.
When not in use, the receptacle can be folded for storage. (Fig. E)

Maximum working width: 67 (1680 mm)
Maximum temperature: 428F (220C)
Diameter of the heating cylinder: 10 (250 mm)
Heating system: Infra-red
Heating time from room temperature at 200C: 30 min.
Digital display of temperature: Yes
Driving belt material: Nomex reinforced by Kevlar for added durability
Speed Exposure time 40 seconds: 71 yd / hr - 1.18 yd / min (65 m / hr - 1.08 m / min)
Speed Exposure time 90 seconds: 18 yd / hr - 0.30 yd / min (17 m / hr - 0.29 m / min)
Reverse operation: Yes
User protection: Safety cover in front of the rollers with safety switches and reset button on the control panel
Exhaust fume extraction: 2?extraction pipes diameter 2 (50mm) linked to both ends of the machine to vacuum smoke and vapors produced during sublimation
Number of self locking mandrels included: 6 universal mandrels, 3 feed, 3 take-up
Maximum material feed roll dimension: Upper position 10 (250 mm) Mid front position 10 (250 mm) Low front position 10 (250 mm)
Maximum Roll Weight: 66 Lbs. (30kg.)
Power: 6000 W
Power Adaptor: Plug L6-30P, Receptacle L6-30R
Voltage: 208V / 50Hz - 60Hz Single Phase
Amperes: Max.?28 Amperes
Dimension of the machine: W 81 x D 38 x H 61 / W?208 x D 96 x H 155 cm
Weight of the Machine: 1060 Lbs (480 kg)
Dimension of the shipping crate: W?86 x D?37 x H 66 / W 218?x D?93 x H?170?cm
Shipping Weight: 1322 Lbs (600 kg)
CE Approved / RoHS Compliant: Yes
Warranty: One year parts warranty


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