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VinylMaster Xpt VMX Vinyl Cutter Software Discounts Apply !
VinylMaster Xpt VMX Vinyl Cutter Software
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VinylMaster Xpt VMX Vinyl Cutter Software

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Please note, VinylMaster only works with Windows operating systems, not Mac

VinylMaster Xpt is the Expert edition of the VinylMaster Series and is packed with a large selection of tools and features for designing and laying out all types of signs, decals, posters and graphic artwork to either be cut and/or printed out.
The Special Effects in VinylMaster are Real 100% Interactive 3D Shading Effects and not some clever trick using premade artwork that you can only load in and position.
VinylMaster comes with a Shading Effects Editor that is a powerful and unique set of specialist tools designed for you to create and apply an infinite range of Special Effects to Objects, Text, Images and Curves and even to Vector Effects! (see below).
Plus! The Special Effects can be applied one atop the other and they remain as Special Effects (persistent) even after you close down and reopen the document...
The Shading Effects Editor works interactively and in real time on screen meaning you instantly see the results of your changes as you make them! No more typing in a number and hoping for the right results!!
On the right are just some simple examples that are available from the long-list of 1-Click Presets that are designed to get you instantly up and going. Note: all the Presets are 100% editable.
VinylMaster comes with a suite of powerful Vector Effects tools that can be used in combination along with other tools within the program to create an infinite range of effects on objects, text and curves - in fact Vector Effects can even be applied to the perimeter and clipping paths of images.
Plus! Vector Effects can be applied one atop the other and they remain as Vector Effects (persistent) even after you close down and reopen the document...
On the right are just some simple examples of what can so easily be created using VinylMaster's Vector Effects Tools...
The Mask Editor is a specialist utility used to professionally remove the background from images (Bitmaps) i.e. to make transparent and/or to create Special Effects by using transparencies within the image.
Some examples of these effects include:
Professional Background Removal
Fades (In & Out)
Image Blending
Image Effects
The Vectorizer is a specialist utility used to Vectorize an Image (Bitmap) i.e. to Trace an Image.
It does this by taking an Image and tracing around its pixels to create an editable and perfectly scalable set of curves (paths).
The Vectorizer comes with a number of Image Preparation and Correction tools to assist you in achieving the best possible results from even low-quality artwork inc. .jpg's...
Cutfile Documents loads artwork in from the designing area and automatically separate the colors and greatly assists you to prepare your cutfiles with powerful tools that include:
Position and Size
Overwide/Overlong Cutfiles (Tile Overlap)
Triming Options
Curve Tools (Break Apart/Combine etc.)
Alignment Marks for Easy on-site Aligning
Weeding Boxes with Auto-Cutlines, and;
Easy-Lift Marks
These tools assist you to prepare your Cutfile(s) for the Vinyl Spooler.
The Vinyl Spooler is a specialist Cutfile management utility that stores various types of (processed) Cutfiles and allows you to sort and filter your Cutfiles and if required arrange them into a common queue using the Auto Pack and Nest options, ready to send to your Vinyl Cutter or Plotter to be cut out.
TVinylMaster comes with a powerful RIP built-in meaning that you can use all of VinylMaster's powerful design tools and features along with the program's .ai, .eps, and .pdf import features and then RIP, Print and/or Cut these out with your Large Format Printer or Printer-Cutter.
Major Features of VinylMaster RIP
Simultaneous Ripping
Multiple Multithreading CPUs
Multitask Environment
Job Queue
Optimal Packing
Block Nesting (Media Length)
Registration/Crop Marks
RIP Spooler
Spot Colors
Step & Repeat
Layout & Compose
RIP, Print & Cut
Manual Reposition Module
White Channel & Under Base
The Artwork Manager
The Artwork Manager takes the selected artwork from VinylMaster and prepares it ready for the RIP Manager which in-turn processes your Print Jobs ready for your device.
The RIP Manager
The RIP Manager processes Print Jobs using its built-in RIP engine and then sends these files to a printer or printer-cutter. The RIP Manger is also used as a File (Print Job) management utility that stores processed and unprocessed Print Jobs and allows you to sort and filter these and if required arrange them into a single Job Queue using its Optimize and Nest options to then be processed as a single RIP file.
Font Detective is a specialist font matching and finding utility that is designed to rapidly compare a scanned-in sample of any text against any fonts that you have either on your computer or on disc.
Font Manager
Along with Font Detective you also get our indispensible Font Manager which allows you to view all your uninstalled fonts in the one list - again saving your valuable time...
Font Manager not only lets you browse visually through your Font Collections it also lets you easily install fonts directly from within the program and sort your fonts into a Font Library for instant access in VinylMaster from the program's built-in Font Selector.
You can also change the Preview Text, create a printable PDF file of the current Font List and even make a Copy of the Font File to any location on your system.
You'll never have to worry about managing your Fonts or clogging up your system again!


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